Its a Boy Diaper Cake Centerpiece

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Blue and gray boy diaper cake centerpiece for a boy baby shower. Diaper cake ribbon includes words and phrases such as "Welcome Little One", "It's a Boy", "Joy", "Baby Boy".

Diaper cake has a base diameter of about 9" and height of about 17" with the topper.


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  • I would like to order this! My concern is how do you prevent the paper bow ties from getting smashed or bent in shipping?

    I can package them separately with adhesive on the back so you can put them on yourself.

  • Hi! Is this price for the center piece assembled already or for the diaper cake supplies? Also if it is assembled already how do you ship it without it getting all messed up and bent?

    This is the price for it assembled. I don’t have it in a kit version. I package carefully and securely. The topper is place in an envelope.