Handmade Crafters and Artisans

My name is Debra and I am the owner of Chic Baby Cakes. Currently I make and sell mainly baby shower centerpieces but I am now expanding to include a wider range of products to include all types of events and parties and I want you to be a part of it!

As a crafter, I understand the work and amount of time that goes into each product. Manufactured products can't measure up to the detail and customization we put into our work so I am only accepting handmade crafters. Not to mention, customers are always looking for ways to make their party unique!

Products include anything party related such as decorations, invitations, gift baskets, bouquets, party accessories, etc. You may purchase materials to make your products but you cannot purchase a product and sell it as is. The finished product must be mostly your work. 

The products you make and sell will be under your name or brand. You may use your real name or you can come up with your own "brand" name.

How it works:

After you make your product, take well-lit pictures. Send me the pictures along with product specifics such as what it is, size, weight, what's included in it, how long it will take you to make it and ship it after it sells, and yourselling price.

I will make the listing for your product and publish it to my site.

Once your product sells, if not already made, you will make and package the product. I will then email you the shipping label to print and affix to the package. If you have a shipping service, you can purchase the shipping yourself. Buyer pays for shipping. If you purchase the shipping yourself, your payment will include their shipping. If I purchase the shipping, your payment will not include the shipping.

For the first 5 orders, you must ship your product before payment is received. After the first 5 successful shipments, you will receive your payment within 2-5 days, depending on how the customer pays. After 15 successful shipments, you will receive your payment within 1 business day. You may choose to receive your payment with direct deposit to your bank, PayPal, Venmo, or Square Cash. 


There is no cost to be a seller or for me to add your products. The only charge is 2.9% + $.30 per credit card transaction and a 2% fee if your product sells. 

Let's math:

Your product sells for: $25

Card transaction fee: $1.03

Sale fee: $.50

Your final take home: $23.47


Each product will be advertised on all Chic Baby Cakes' social media pages (Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, and Tumbler) as well as Google shopping and Yahoo. There is no cost to advertise your product. You may also do advertising yourself but the cost of that will be yours.

Whether you're just starting out or have already been selling, you are welcome. I also offer tutorials and help if needed. If you have any questions or need clarity, please email me at dharris@chicbabycakes.com and make the subject "Seller Inquiry".

If you're ready to start selling, click here:

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