Unique, Custom Baby Shower Decorations

Welcome to my shop!

I'm Debra and I am the owner and creative designer of Chic Baby Cakes. I make baby shower decorations such as diaper cakes, centerpiece sticks, cake toppers, invitations, banners, and much more. I've recently added graduation decorations such as card boxes, centerpiece sticks, and cupcake toppers. I started out on Etsy in 2013 and I'm still there with over 3000 sales (Thank you!). Since then, I've added my own site, Ebay, and Amazon to my list of selling venues.

I handmake everything you see in my home craft studio (check out some pictures). I love and enjoy what I do so you can expect great quality of work and attention to detail was put into each piece. Because I run everything in my shop, I have more control to get you what you want. But also because I run everything in my shop, I can't accept or make phone calls. You can message me though text at 301-615-0227, email me at dharris@cbcparty.com, or contact me through th contact page.

I have so many more ideas and designs I want to add and I plan to do so once I get an assistant.

Custom orders are always welcomed and don't hesitate to ask questions.